im really nice but everyone is so rude and stupid that i have to be mean all the time

Fifty Shades Of Grey Teaser Audio (edited by me)

Christian : I’m incapable of leaving you alone.

Ana : Then don’t.

Christian : And so it begins.

Credits (x)


First TV Spot from Fifty Shades.


Anonymous said:
I feel like I have no friends but I do but like I always feel so alone idk what do I do

I feel u so much ngl even though i have a lot of friends i kinda feel alone sometimes but i think everyone feels that way tbh??

Anonymous said:
Tell us about the worst kiss you ever had

Omg lmao probably my first kiss tbh it was weird and i was nervous and didn’t really know what to do so yeah it was a mess

Anonymous said:
are u bi

I’m straight

Anonymous said:
i sent nudes to my ex boyfriend when we used to date and i broke up with him a few weeks ago and one of his friends told me he showed the pics to everyone and people are calling me a slut now and i don't know what to do i'm crying so hard

Wtf he’s an asshole and these people calling you names are fucking stupid because you guys were a couple and what’s the big deal about sending nudes anyway a lot of people do that tbh please don’t cry babe

Anonymous said:
can we send you confessions?

Omg yes

Im sad i hate guys

reblog if girls are cute and you are afraid